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Vinyl Over Step

McDonald's Pools offers a line of incredible and luxuious step and entry systems for your steel or polmer wall swimming pool. McDonald's Pools offers a line of incredible and luxurious step and entry systems for your steel or polymer wall swimming pool. Fort Waye Pools vinyl over step systems are a beautiful part of the pool structure. The vinyl pool liner covers the entire surface of the swimming pool up to the decking, including the step, for a completely custom finished look. By choosing among a variety of step designs, benches and sun-ledges in our vinyl over steel and polymer or vinyl over open top steel and polymer steps, you can create a great place to sit, relax, and cool off.

Modular Steel Steps

We use only the best materials, top-notch engineering, and innovative manufacturing technology to create pool components of outstanding strength and durability. The 14-gauge copper bearing steel steps are coated with a 2.35 ounce zinc galvanization to prevent corrosion and assure a structure that is stable, strong, and durable.

Modular Open Top Steel Steps

Vinyl Over Open Top Steel Steps have an "open top" filled with stone and finished with concrete treads. The vinyl liner is positioned over the filled steel step for a completely uninterruped pattern around the entire pool. When you choose from our Vinyl Over or Open Top Steel Steps, you can custom create integrated step and benches in a endless variety of styles.

Vinyl Over Step Modular