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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I do when my filter is not working?

Answer: A. Make sure the power is on. B. Check the hair and lint pot on the pump to see if its primed. If there is not any water in the pump head of the system has air in the lines. To re-prime the pump simply take your filter off, take the cover (called the hair and lint cover) on the pump off. Fill the pump head with water. Put the cover back on securely, remember to put the O-ring or gasket back on. Since the pump has lost prime it may take a few minutes to start pumping, so be patient. If the water does not start flowing after 15 minutes repeat the process. C. If the pump does not respond after two or three attempts please call a service company so as not to damage your pump and filter equipment.

Question: My heater is not working what should I do?

Answer: A. Maker sure that your filter and pump are on and running. Your heater is run by the pressure switch, when water is going through your heater the pressure switch opens and allows the heater to perform its job properly. B. Check and make sure your pilot (on gas heaters) has not gone out. If the pilot light has gone out simply follow the directions on your access door to re-light the pilot light. If after following the instructions the pilot does not light call a service company to assist you. C. Always try to simplest solution first, check to see of the gas is turned on, or for an electric heater check the breaker or electrical supply and make sure power is going to your unit. Make sure your on/off switch is turned on on the front of the unit.

Question: My pool water is cloudy, what should I do?

Answer: A. Always make sure your filter is on and running properly. Your filter should run at least 8 hours a day. Your average pool takes at least 8 hours to turn over every square inch of water and that is required to minimize faulty water chemistry. B. We recommend you faithfully check your chemicals at least 2 times a week. By frequently checking your water chemistry you can head off potential problems BEFORE they happen. Make sure your test kit strips are not out dated to assure a proper reading. C. Often times after a rain you can get a little cloudiness in your pool. By adding some water clarifier at double dosage, you can remove cloudiness. If your pool is quite cloudy it may require more that just clarifier, in such cases we suggest you use liquid chlorine in addition to clarifier. Two really good water clarifiers are Clear Blue by GLB and Sea Klear. D. If your water has a greenish tint to it this means you have a little algea in your water. Algea can come in different shades of color. To remove algae you must first kill it. Turn your filter off, then brush all visible algae off the walls, step ladders or anything in your pool with visible algae. When the algae settles to the bottom use your pool vacuum to remove it from your pool. Make sure you set your filter on waste or backwash to remove the dead algae completely from your pool. By doing this the algae can not sit on your pool filter and re-grow, so make sure you remove the dead algae from your pool. As always when backwashing or vacuuming to eliminate waster, you will need to add water to compensate for water you pump out. Also, to fully remove algae you must treat your water with a good algaecide. A really good algaecide that GLB makes is called Algaecide 2000. In addition the Sarim Trine products work well also. Super chlorinating your pool with liquid chlorine will be helpful in removing algae and will help with long lasting clear water. After trying this formula turn on your filter on for a 24 hour period uninterrupted. After you reach acceptable results return to normal filter operations.

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