McDonald's Pools and Spa

The Gaffords

Gafford Family Swimming Pool

McDonald's Pools & Spa built our back yard retreat and we couldn't be happier!

Before deciding on McDonald's Pools and Spas we spoke with several local contractors who had very competitive bids but in the end we went with McDonald's due to our friends overwhelming recommendation.

From the beginning we were well informed about the project and what was required of us. The guys were very professional and actually completed construction several days ahead of the proposed deadline and the work was top notch. Everything promised was delivered and after the job was over they showed us how to use our pool equipment.

Their experience and expertise was obvious and nothing seemed overlooked! Much like our friends, our family is proud owner of a McDonald's swimming pool and we have recommended McDonald's Pools and Spa to our friends and family.

Thanks again guys and keep up the great work!

The Gaffords